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Digital Line In To Standard Cd Player


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Hi There,

For chrimbo I bought mtself a shiney new MP3 Jukebox and want to use this as a exterior source for music - ideally I'd like to inject it to the amplifier in my Yaris T-Sports CD player. Its the factory fitted one and is a good enough Cd player - but I need a line in. Does anyone know if this is possible and if so - how?

thanks in advance...

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unfortunately the std stereo doesnt have a line in :(

an alternative is to use an FM modulator, this is a box that you plug the MP3 unit into. The modulator is then connected in a series connection witht the aerial lead on the headunit.

The modulator then converts the signal given out by the MP3 unit into a radio frequancy (normally chosen by you as to not interfere with any set radio stations) the radio can then be tuned into the signal given off by the unit and therefore played through the system!


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