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Paseo Rear Disk Brake Conversion

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big problem with rear disk brake conversion and nobody wants or can help me !!!!!!!

with our european paseo does we nned a proportionnal valve ????????????

Why it is impossible with my car to use my brake

my circuit brake is ioperational

i have already change my MASter cylinder brake

My ABS lights on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


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what disks are you using?

If they're from a starlet, the setup should be the same as it is on the starlet, but that's the only drum-disk swap I've heard of that works. I also heard it was expensive. Does the starlet have abs? if not, then that's why your light's on.

If you're using something diff, you're probably on your own.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Do you know where i live ????

in REUNION ISland !!! :eek:

do you think that in REUNION island there are some GT starlet : NO !!! :censor:

I bought the REAR DIsk BRAKE conv with EL PROTOTYPES (impossible to contact them , and by phone too...) in USA .....


a TOYOTA specialist they cannot help me ... :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:

I saw that JOhn BARNES MOTORSPORT does this conversion impossible to contact him and certainly he doesn't want to reply to my mails....... :crybaby::crybaby:

If someone in this forum could contact him i will want some informations:

- is it necessary to use a VALVE???

-why the ABS light is on ......


$i am very disapointed with my SEO ,there are 4 monthqs that i cannot use my car !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Our conversion on Matt's Paseo went very smoothly, that's because I ensured that I sourced the correct parts from my colleague in Malaysia before doing the conversion.

Myself, Matt and my supplier did a lot of research about the setup before even attempting the conversion. :bookworm:

I made sure I was sent an EP82 complete rear disc setup without the ABS.

Then fitted it to Matt's EL54 Paseo after machining a hole for the ABS Sensor.

Then we took 20 hours meticulously installing the kit and checking that everything functioned as it should.

That was it! Sorted! :thumbsup:

No need for a new proportioning valve either, Matt has probably done near 5K miles now and everything has been perfect. :P

The reason that I have not been willing to help you out is because you were not willing to buy the conversion kit from us in the first place. :cacker:

Instead you took the info that I gave you and you then went and purchased the parts from another company.

If you had purchased the kit from us then you would have received all the parts for your specific setup, and the technical support that you may have needed, should you have encountered any problems. :blink:

Anyway, good luck. ;) Hope you get it sorted. :beer:

Jon Barnes

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thanx for the info

when i purshased the KIT ,i didn't know thi forum... don't forget that if i have to order something it will be faster and quickly to order to ENGLAND (because , REUNION Island is a FRench country and European..located near Mauritius)

Meanwhile ,now i know that i can join someone in UK,it is better for me ....

i am going to verify the calipers .

If i had to order with you ,it will not a problem

For info :Do you have an ABS bock system ??for sale

thanx for the information

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