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Hi Atik

Nice pics of your car :thumbsup:

Very nice install, just a shame you lost your boot space up with your sub :( :(

Unlike me :thumbsup: (Sorry :rolleyes: )

Just one question for you, my surround by the air-vents & facial, keeps coming away, i keep pushing it back in, but in time it pops out again, how have you managed to keep it in place, or do you suffer with the same problem?

Otherwise, love what you done to your car.



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The Kenwood Sat-Nav is awesome. Even more so because it is touch screen so you can just touch the area of the map you want to see, zoom in/out with one touch etc.

I think the only fault I can place on this Kenwood screen is that it has a very boring interface. You cant add pictures or graphics to it. When I had the Sony MEX-5DI, I uploaded loads of animated GIF files which was so cool. But, I can live with it ;)

As for the facia panel, I've never had any problems with it coming loose. If I remember correctly, it was bolted in using the screws that hold the head unit into place. A little awkward to describe, but, the 4 bolts that normally hold the head unit in place. The fascia had small brackets/arms that folded in and the bolts just clamped them in place.

It is probably different because I have the pocket at the bottom, whereas yours is on top. If you find that yours does'nt have the small brackets, you could try some strong double sided tape on the inside :unsure:

Yeah, still :drool: at your boot setup. Where did you get that done? And how much did it cost? And more importantly, how much will it cost me? ;)

Cheers. Atik

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Atik...ok, sounds like you want a heart attack then for the boot install.... :eek:

I got it done at

The Sound Gallery

It was a for a complete install, H/U - cabling - fibre glass enclosures (amp & sub)

I did buy some of the bit from them as well, which help with the cost :group-cuddles:

Price.... well..... £1200 :censor: :ffs:

I know this sounds alot, but let me tell you, it was worth it, and the wait as well :thumbsup:

I'm sure the price will be different, if you went there, but bewarned, this install did have more probs than they wanted :eek:

Let me know where you are Atik, i'll try and come and show you it :thumbsup:

Have fun



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Whoa... £1200 - a lot but certainly looks well worth it :thumbsup:

BTW - I am located in Birmingham, and will now be looking for a local sound fitter to get me something like your setup ;)

Am considering a top price of around £400-£500. Considering I already have all my components (headunit, changer, nav, cabling, sub, amps, DVD) :P

*Goes off to garden shed to build a sub and amp enclosure from MDF*

*Considers the job and quits after 10 mins*


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Hi Atik

The reason it costed so much, because if was made from glass fibre, and is very labour intensive.

I worked out, it was costing me something like 10% Materials / 90% Labour

I tried it myself, to start off with, just trying to save money, but after making a few moulds, and alot of mistakes, i gave up :crybaby::crybaby:

It was beating me something rotten, remember glass fibre is not for the faint hearted :thumbsup::thumbsup:

There is no way cheap for you to do your install, to get a really stealth install, like mine, will cost you money i'm afraid :crybaby:

All you can do, is find someone local and cheap who know's about using glass fibre, but it's won't be easy.

Just to let you know of a rough estimate, pro installers will charge up to, or even more, about £50 PER HOUR!!! :eek: :censor: :censor:

But they should cover materials within that price, as did mine, but i let them have some extra from my own supply as a good will jesture :thumbsup:

I can't think of any good installer in Brum, but i've seen a few shops on my travels, but not sure if they were any good thought.

From the look of it, i'm afraid your stuck with your current install, and lack of boot space :crybaby:

If you like, would you like to meet up, and exchange chat about the cars, Brum is not to far from me, and i don't mind the travel

Chat to you soon



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