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Multi Amp


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what am I sending to the amp?

rear RCA for the SUB(amped)

front RCA for the door(amped)

rear channel for 6*9(amped)(only have connected RCA for amp, are normal channels different)

front channel dash(un amped)

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you mean you have two RCA outputs from your head unit??? (let me get that straight first!!)

yeah headunit has 2 RCA (front and rear) + 4 standard channels

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ok then

as a suggestion you could use the alpine v12 5 channel amp, sorry cant remember the number exactly mrv-f450 i think??? check CEL for it. its about 250 quid but its a good amp

the way to do it would be thus

front RCA leads to front channels on amp for front Speakers

rear RCA leads to sub channel for sub

and i think this amp is capable of this, ill have to check, but run a high level input to it for the rears (the normal stereo output wires) because the amps have the option to run off high level instead of using RCA (ie if you want to use an amp with an OE headunit)


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just looked it up and the mrv-f450 has high level iput capability so you would easily be able to do what i said before.

the only thing about this one is it doesnt kick out a huge amount of power. your lookin at spendin more for a more powerful amp, but youll still have one hell of a sweet and compact full system


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