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Thinking Of Breaking My Rev 2

Dan H

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Hi guys hope you are all well. A few months back i crashed my baby into a tree and ive now had the time to think about what to do next. Im seriously considering breaking her. If anyone is interested or has a realistic idea of what the parts are worth then please let me know. Heres the basics:

Black 91 uk sw20 t-bar

Good full black leather

Good condition roof pannels

17's, 1 slightly buckled

94k on clock, doesn't smoke or leak & pulls very well

Brakes good condition

Active sound system

Front end from front of arches forwards is fubbard.

Cheers guys, Dan

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Leather - £300 if in good knick.

Roof panels - £100 if with the shades and holders.

rims - depends on condition (if one can be fixed).

Maybe able to sell the engine to Matt @ Rogue systems .. dunno if they are selling many non gen3 engines though ..

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They're 5 spoke, quite flashy looking. Got a few extras like centre caps and anodised valve stems. Im in birmingham, j6 m6, about 2 mins away. heres a piccie


i can send u a photo to your mobile if that would help. dan

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Not sure on price but im open to offers, please remember though that these wheel are £350 each new, they are premier wheels, no TSW or 2nd division stuff. Having said that im not expected ammounts that could finance a national debt, so please, only sensible offers. for more details please txt or email me. cheers. :) Theres lots left, doors, glass, roof panels etc. Dan

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Jim Lad - Roof panels are in good nick. The drivers one has a chip at the front but none worse than ive seen on other 2's. The seals are fine and have not leaked on me yet so i guess you could describe them as good condition so i think £80 is fair.

Bibbs - Seat are in excellent condition, no !Removed! burns, tears or rips. The drivers seat bolster has faded a little but nothing some colour restorer couldn't solve. The door panels are good too, no !Removed! burns, tears or rips. Im looking for arround £275 but am open to offers.

Screechmr2 - do you mean the whole centre consol or just the part between the consol and the steering column? Let me know then make me an offer.

Jappy Beast - The ashtray is yours, just make me an offer.

Im open to offers on everything on the car. Im having broadband installed on either thursday or friday so if you need more then my mobile numbers at the top of the page. Cheers, Dan

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...it is nice to finally have a ash tray that isn't cracked...

didnt know there were others w. this same prob, mine was cracked when i got the car. but i've been beaten by jappy to it.

I heard the shotgun call m8, so i wont put an offer in ;)


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