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1995 St202 For Sale


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First of all i'd like to say thanks to Cel 94 and Leeky for the fix on my brakes. Bled the brakes and now they even sharper than before, Thanks.

I'm finally getting rid of my baby. I don't know what price to put it up for sale? Was wondering if anyone knows how much they are worth and how much i should be looking to get for mine? And if anyone wants to make me an offer plz do lol.

The link to my web site is .... http://www.chaz.s5.com/photo.html


41,000 Miles, Air Bag, Metallic Paint, Cat 1 Alarm, 17" alloys, R/C/L, Electric Adjustable Mirrors, E/W, Front Fog Lights, PAS, Air-Conditioning, Kenwood tape head unit & 6 disc changer, MOT and Tax


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Nice car.

It's definately be worth mentioning that it's an import as this will mean some people won't want to buy it as it's difficult to insure.

As for price i'd look at Autotrader, but i imagine your looking at aroun £4,500 or so.

How much more expensive have you found it to insure as an import and which company do you use? just out of curiousity.

All the best with the sale


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It's not clear how old it is - the year isn't in the spec and you have blanked out the plates in the photos.

I'm guessing 95 ?

Edit: just noticed you have put 95 in the topic title :lol:

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