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Paint Code Question


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I'm looking for the paintcode for SuperRed II...

This is what I was told later rev MKII MR2 red colour was. Toyota only had SuperRed and SuperRed III listed. He said it's most prob SuperRed.

Anyone got any ideas ??

Also, I'm looking to possibly replace the existing black stripping/trim round the outside of the car with rev3 type trim. To do this tho I would also have to change the indicator, or paint the existing black trim at the indicator part. Would the bodyshop be able to get an exact match ??

Would the indicator be easy to re-locate ??

Or should I just paint all existing black trim ?

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Hi Jim,

The paint code for SuperRed II is 3E5

Also it would be cheaper to get your existing black trims painted as replacments for Toyota are expensive! But I do think they look much better colour coded rather than black.


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Spot on - though be careful there are a couple of 3E5 codes with suffixes - these are different shades - you want plain old 3E5!

Definately respray existing trim, far far cheaper!

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