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2004 Tacoma Supercharger


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Hi all,

I just bought a 2004 Tacoma w/ the V6 and am considering adding a TRD supercharger and 7 injector kit, but have a few questions...

1) I don't see a supercharger kit listed for the '04. Even on the Toyota TRD websight, it seems to stop at '03. Will the '03 kit work? Same thing for the 7th injector - will the '03 kit work on an '04 tacoma?

2) Anybody with a recent model Tacoma know how badly the kit affect highway milage? Its already only 19 mpg, if it drops below 14, I might decide the cost isn't worth it.

3) Anybody know how many hours the dealer will charge for the supercharger and 7th injector kit install?

4) How does this affect reliability (assuming no abuse by myself)? Should I spring the $1000 for the extended warrenty?

5) I have also noticed that the horsepower boost claims in increased horsepower are lower than the claims in increased peak horsepower, therefor I assume the biggest horsepower gains are at the non-peak region of the HP curve. Anybody have a link to the HP/torque curve for the supercharger with the 7th injector? (I've only been able to find it for the supercharger without the 7th injector)

6) Any other issues this this modification I should be aware of?


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I don't know about the 7th injector But in my 01 doublecab 4x4 I ge 20+ on the hiway actually a bit more then my bros 02 doublecab WITHOUT SC.

You DO need to run premium fuel.

Check Gadgetonline.com or tacomaterritory for more info. :thumbsup:

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dont get the 7th injector! waste of $1200 bux... and labor too... checkout www.urdusa.com they sell the fuel upgrade for the 5VZFE... your MPG will change depending on how heavy your foot is :yes: which will get real heavy cuz that boost is fun!!! get it bro.. best investment you could make for your truck... and the 03 is the same as 04.. ITS ALL BOUT THE 5VZ DUUUDE

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