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Rotorstock will take place at Shakespeare County Raceway on the 30th and 31st of May 2004.

Watch this space for more detail of our anticipated DVD and possible TV coverage.

Mazdarotaryclub.com have invited Mazda to participate in this event along with all proper Mazda clubs from throughout Europe these being not only other Rotary clubs but also MX-5, MX-6 and 323 clubs etc. We are expecting members from all over Europe to attend, so far members from Sweden, Germany, Belgium, USA, Australia & Japan, have all accepted invites.

The MRC Japanese Street Fighter Showdown.

This will be run on 3pm on the Monday afternoon and will be proper heads up Drag Racing i.e. the first one to the Finishing line after the lights change wins in each round culminating in JUST ONE WINNER!.

The top 16 fastest known Japanese road cars will be invited to attend ( is that you) and will carry big yellow invited stickers on the passenger side of their window screens so spectators will know which are the invited 'quick' cars.

The meeting will be run as a ''Run what you Brung'' event as this will let not only our Mazda cars to participate but also anyone with their Japanese car to take part in this event.

These invited cars will be cars know to have already set quick 1/4 mile times previously.

In addition to the 16 invited cars the 16 proven fastest Japanese cars from over the weekend [ with Japanese engines ] will also have the chance qualify for the Showdown these cars inclusion will be decided with the production of at least two timing slips of similar times one each from over the two days of the event .

The initial rounds where ever possible will match an invited car with a qualified car this is so that it not only increases the possibility of a wild card slower car wining the event due to the car he is racing pulling a red light but hopefully so we end up with the two fastest cars in the competition racing each other in the finals for the MRC Showdown title.

The invited and qualified cars will be required to set at least three times each day before the MRC Showdown take's place this is to ensure these are properly driven reliable road cars, they will also be required to be driven to the track from their respective home bases on the road be Taxed and MOT'ed and not travel by trailer to the event.

MRC will reserve the right to add or remove cars entered in the main event and also add remove or modify any rules attached to this event right up to 3pm on the 31st of May.

This will be the first proper and largest Japanese Door Slammer event in Britain/Europe and hopefully be a huge enjoyable event for not only Mazda owners but all Japanese car enthusiasts

Mark the owner of Abbey Motorsport IS OUR FIRST confirmed invited entrant in

The MRC Japanese Street Fighter Showdown with his 1000HP Skyline and is very very serious about lifting the title !.


More info here:


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Latest News, attractions and happenings at Rotorstock.

After talking with Mazda personnel today there is now the possibility that we will have two of the Formula Woman RX-8 Racers fresh from competition complete with two of the competing woman staging demonstration runs up the quarter mile , this will hopefully be confirmed shortly by MRC.

We will also be having TWO Jet cars and an 11 Litre yes 11 Litre Supra staging demo runs that has the capability of running 7 seconds down the quarter mile !.

Look out for the March issue of Fast Car Mag which will see the first announcement of Rotorstock to the general public.

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