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I Need Some Bits

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Lo all,

After stacking my 'Rolla into a hedge i need a new front bumper and passenger side headlight.

I tried an online breakers and they messed me around for 3 weeks so im not happy. i dont want to go through my local dealer because they will charge about twice as much as i should be paying. my local breakers doesnt have any of my model Corolla so thats a no.

Basically i need an online shop or something that does this sort of thing without any of the dodgy 'search and we will e-mail u with the results' type websites, or failing that a shop i could phone.

Must be in the UK, could anyone help?



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Im betting the 25 quid it takes to go gold will easy be more than justified by the amount you'll save!!!!!

I dont know what you know about going Gold, but there is a lot of discounts open you when you have, and i mean a lot!!! :thumbsup:

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