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Sold My Yaris And Got A New Car


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Well i decided the time had came to move on to something a bit faster been looking at new cars for about 6 months now so stuck my car on eBay finally and sold it

went to look round a few cars recently HAD TO BE JAP :) and put a deposit on one today :) guna miss my yaris loads like owes me nothing at all been totally dependable!

few pics of new and old

2000 Yaris SR 1.3





1994 MR2 GTS TURBO :lol::lol::lol::lol: pictures dont do it justice if im honest tho



new car has

Full Vielside Bodykit

17" Team Dynamic alloys

Tein Ajustable Coilover Suspension

Full S/S Exhaust

HKS Induction Kit

Blitz Dump Valve

Lexus Style Afterburner Lights

Uprated HT Leads

Hid Headlight Kit

Crystal Front Lights

Front Strutbrace

Toms Airscoop

HKS Turbo Timer

Cat 1 Laserline Alarm/Immobiliser

Honestly cant wait! get it next saturday :D:D:D:D:D

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Looks a nice car mate :thumbsup:

you will not regret selling the yaris, like you i could not fault my yaris either

but i have not missed it one bit since having my new car :D

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so many people have warned me bout it like

so im guna take my time defs to nice to wreak it lol!

going from 89bhp front engine front wheel drive


245bhp mid engine rear wheel drive is goin to be a massive change but hopefully it will be one that puts a massive grin on my face!

got to figure out how to pay for it now !!!!! deposit was the easy part haha

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Glad your pleased but please be carefull when you get it,

as i understand comming from a yaris to RWD.

respect Turbo RWD esp in the wet :yes: ...it can bite if you're not careful when the Turbo kicks in.

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I will do thanks for the advice :)

most people have been saying the same thing to me and dont worry its sinking in like!

having to work so much overtime for this car im guna take my time anyways im not wreaking something ive had to work so hard for

paying £990 on my yaris at the moment for insurance with elephant rang up todday to see if they can quote me to upgrade my car expected to pay another £1000 to do it they only want another £220 for me to change the car :o sorted one major problem out cause the insurance was going to be a nightmare

just need to see if i can pay a hospital to put me in an induced coma untill saturday haha cause i cant take the waiting anymore!!!!!

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