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Red Yaris 54

Jap Show Finale

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If only I had power over the weather :crybaby:

There is talk of a possible 'refund' on tickets so hang on to them and if I hear anything I'll yell so hopefully everyones pennies won't be totally wasted.

Santa Pod only issue credits against future events...............they will not consider cash refunds :(

Yep true, thats why I put refund in '' 's, I know credits are not as nice as hard cash but hopefully at least it will be something to lessen the pain :thumbsup:

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Just in responce to MsB's post about the refunds, The Japshow website has been updated with further information.

Rain-Off Values for Tickets

The JapShow Finale was adversely affected by severe weather. Although there is nothing we can do to change this, we would like to thank fans of the event for their continued support and commitment to the scene, and we are offering rain-out values on tickets that reflect the initial purchase price and the level of disruption caused.

Please hold on to your ticket. This can be used as a voucher to get money off future Santa Pod tickets. The rain-off values are as follows:

Jap-car tickets (both weekend and Sunday) are worth £10

Non-Jap tickets (both weekend and Sunday) are worth £15

In order to use your rained-off tickets as vouchers, either telephone Santa Pod on 01234 782828 for advance ticket bookings, or take them with you next time you visit and get your discount on the gate.

Events you might like to consider:

* Saturday Night Special, 11th October. Atmospheric extra-long RWYB session. Details at

* Flame & Thunder, 1st November. Great family entertainment event with jet vehicles, fireworks and race cars including HKS Drag Series demos and John Bradshaw vs Steve Whittaker grudge match!

Better than a kick in the nuts I suppose.

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Who still has their tickets?

Mine was kept at the gate when i arrived on Sunday.

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I have mine... They gave them back after tearing some off. I have all three that I took.

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gutted!!! all the effort of cleanin car for show, wasted!!! lots of money wasted!!! but not totally wasted i'd say at least got to meet a few more of you's, just shame didn't get to socialise properly!!!

you got some good pics there mate, i didn't get any really thought i'd wait for rain to die a bit but neva did then everyone went

highlight of my day i think!! lol


after everyone went me an mate decided we'd entertain ourselves seen as nothing was happenin, cars lot little bit dirty ha ha!!





most amsusing thing had to be when me mate drove thru a huge puddle (more like a lake) an skyline coming the other way with window down, lets just say my mate wasn't goin slow an think you can work out what happened to Mr Skyline!!!! ha ha nearly pi55ed my self laughin!!!!

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I was sat watching District 13 on a portable DvD player... :lol:

Lol on the saturday we watched casualty in the car... heating on full...

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