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Gonna Buy My First Supra


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Hi everyone,

I'm really excited as ive finally saved enough cash to buy my first supra but just wondered if you could clear up a few things for me? I may sound really amaturish here but here goes nothing...........!

I know obviously that TT means twin turbo so is n/a non turbo? i would really love a twin turbo but havent got that kind of cash at the mo so i was thinking of starting with a non turbo then working up. Are all non turbos imports then or were they also made in uk? i understand from reading on here that imports are more expensive to insure aswell? Are they all left hand drive tho?

Thanks for bearing with me im not usually this unknowlegable!!! :rolleyes:

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All n/a (non-turbos) are imports.

Imports are generally more to insure than UK cars... so the reduction in premium when buying a n/a car as opposed to buying a turbo can normally be dismissed due to the insurers adding it back for it being an import.

So.. both are expensive to insure, but the n/a is cheaper to buy.

To be honest though if youve never driven a powerful rwd car before then the n/a may be your best bet... you'll still find it exceptionally quick.

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thanks for the advice m8, much appreciated. Is there a major performance difference between the TT and the n/a? wot BHP is the n/a? i wont be disappointed will I and wished i'd have saved more and bought a TT instead?

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Be better off getting a TT, the import TT's are hardly any diffrent to buy and insure than a n/a.

n/a is 225bhp, import tt is 280bhp. Uk is 320bhp (but no diffrence in performance really from import tt)

Cheapest n/a mk4 is going to be £4000 approx.

Cheapest tt mk4 is going to be £5000 approx.

Hell of a diffrence in performance and only 1k more? seems worth it to me.

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The UK Supra you are talking about was launched on 01/08/1993 and has 326 BHP :eek: 0 – 60 MPH in 4.9 seconds :eek: and it’s an insurance group 19 :eek:

It is rear drive and has 6-speed manual or 4-speed Auto, limited slip differential, independent suspension, ABS, PAS, traction control, alloy wheels, cruise control, alarm, immobiliser, electric windows and driver's seat adjustment, twin airbags, leather upholstery, heated front seats, air conditioning.

Equipment includes a large body-coloured rear spoiler, circular rear lights behind flush lens, front spoiler with large front air intakes, five-spoke alloy wheels, cruise control, electric driver’s seat adjustment, heated front seats, leather upholstery, leather-rimmed steering wheel.

A high-level brake light and CD autochanger were added in October 94.

C + P

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Just so you know a UK TT is cheaper to insure then a NA

More Power

Rarer Car

Bad news is the Car is more to buy, but cheaper on insure then a NA even though a 100BHP more! :wacko:

Trust me, idiot here wit a NA,coz didnt think a TT was even worth considering! problem is finding a UK car!! only 600 ish were made and who knows how many have survived the winters!

Ring insurance companies and u will see a UK TT is cheapest to insure, hope this was some help

im 20 with a NA at 1100 quid fully comp a year wish i had got a UK TT insurance been bout a 1000 and more power, but im looking around now

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Everythings been covered.

Leeky..........£5k for a TT :eek::eek: Cheapest will be around £8k

You'd be surprised, quite a few tt imports for £5k if you look hard enough ;) :thumbsup:

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I've got an N/A Mk iv supra for sale.

WHY because I have had it 2 years and it feels slow LOL.

My advice is wait a bit try and source a UK car if it gets you the insurance cheaper (shop around for insurance ours is £450 with tesco's but we are ancient old giffers with full ncb).

The UK stock vehicle has a much better specification than the jspec equivalent but there are a lot of cars like mine that will have after market parts on them such as:- alloys, brakes, leather trimmed, exhausts, ICE, etc.

The jspec early models however did have an aero-top version that the UK motor didn't so if a crop top is your bag then the jspec is the way ahead, personally I prefer the aero model.

Prices do indeed start around the 5k bracket for N/A's and about 7k for TT's (I viewed a white UK TT in july last year full toyota SH and 60k miles on it priced £8k took him 2 months to sell it at that price) but shop wisely after all this price range is over ten year old cars now.

Keighley trade centre has numerous supra's in at any time as well as a lot of other import motors and seems to be very cheap for trader motors, pop along and have a look at some of their stock and have a drive see what you think.

I do agree in a way with ADI about if you haven't driven a high performance rear wheel drive car before, that you might be better off with an N/A initially (I nearly totalled my N/A a few times in the first couple of months never mind if I'd have had a tt) but take my word for it as soon as you go to a supra meeting you will only long for more speed more power!!!

To round it all off shop around both for insurance and cars £5k-£8k is still a lot of money these days so a mistake isn't going to be cheap. Test drive some of the different vehicle types at a decent trade establishment, get yourself along to a local supra meeting we had one in southampton that nearly 70 or more soops turned up to last weekend see MK iv forum for details of a local gathering. Talk to the guys an gals at the meeting and look at real cars then make an informed decision.

PS if you still want a N/A soop I have one for sale LOL

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No its not in the for sale section here. Its specs and pics are on this linkmy car is for sale

Basically its a 93-94 (very first mkiv available) red aero-top (roof comes off and goes in boot) standard (apart from stereo, security, and replacement midsection exhaust) soop with 92,000 km (odo not been converted to miles). service history since I have owned it to include cambelt and full service Including all new brakes all round, the day I took ownership (I won't buy a car and risk cambelt), fully synthetic oil change every 5k km, back shocks replaced recently. Facelift alloys on order (i have 3 spare 16"s with 2 back tyres and when 17"s facelift turn up another full set of shod 16"s). The upholstery is being replaced in February with red alcantara centres and leather outers. If the car doesn't go by then and I don't find my turbo version for realistic money then I will keep it and do a big turbo conversion or possibly a supercharger.

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But all in all my advice is still hang slack even if you have to for a year and buy the turbo. You know in your heart that is what you want! Patience young paderborn LOL!! You don't sound to me like you can afford to take the money loss on selling in a year or two and trading up. Take the hit drive a wan*y car around for a bit more and wisely use that time to source the mother of all cars and buy that instead. See the mkiv forum mk iv forum for brilliant info on cars in this country. They also get the best cars come up for sale long before autotrader is resorted to (we like to keep our cars in the community).

S**t s**t what am I saying buy mine then I can have a turbo and not have to spend a fortune making mine a turbo lol

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