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Toyota Pm New Car Thingy


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Crazy looking car!!!

If you really loved the movie Tron then you'll love the PM. Toyota bills the PM as a personal vehicle you can wear. Looking like a cross between a motorcycle and some kind of crazy alien life-form, the PM is designed primarily for headline grabbing and crowd gathering.

An abbreviation of Personal Mobility, the PM can shift between a more carlike high-speed mode (wheelbase fully extended), a city mode (wheelbase partially shortened and driving position elevated) or an entry/exit mode where the PM moves the cabin to an almost upright position to make getting in and out easier. Power comes from a DC electric motor mounted in the back and driving the rear wheels. The PM also boasts a very tight turning radius as the wheels can pivot in or out to a much higher degree than a normal car.

The PM is designed to communicate with other PM vehicles and can travel in close groups or have the drivers "chat" when parked. Steering is done by two joysticks positioned on either side of the driver and utilizes drive-by-wire technology.



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it actually looks like a futuristic porta loo to me? oh and dont show the nova and saxo boys those 'light up' wheel trims all theyll all want some!

not as good as the toyota pod!


this little bugger gets upset when you drive too close to the car in front or somat else daft, then wags its tail when ya driving miss daisy!

and it comes standard with hydraulics!


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