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Oops! Bumped My Yaris T-sport!

Sammy Hallett

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Hey guys...

Bit of a disaster this morning in the sense that I bumped my Yaris T-Sport!!!

Was pulling out of the drive and scraped the drivers side near the back wheel against a !Removed! metro, well its kind of left a horrid mark on my car.

Luckily, I've got protective pads just over the wheel arches and this is where the damage has been done, so not on the actual body work. I'm not too sure whether these are standard on the Yaris T-Sport or not but anyway, I was looking for a bit of advice.

Its not too bad, ive managed to clean the scratch off but its left a minor scratch which is much lighter than the red of the car. Really cant afford to get it fixed just yet and its not massively noticeable, so i was wondering if there is anything I can buy to hide it for now?

As mentioned, its not on the metal bodywork of the car, its the protective pad which I think is like a plastic material.

Going to some Jap Car thing at the beginning of next month so really want to hide it for then!

If you can help, pleeeeease let me know :)

Thanks guys - Sammy xxx

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Sorry to hear your car had a ding!

I nearly dropped a clanger yesterday!

I was mucking about with throttle pedal at red light at traffic lights trying to work out why I had just stalled 20 seconds earlier when light went to green...in a panic I came back to my senses and wrenched car into first ready for quick get-a-way...

"Whats that strange beeping noise?" I thought [it was 8:00 am!] as I was dropping clutch to speed off!


My brain came back to its senses a mere milisecond before I shot off backwards into bus behind [driver was still laughing at my stalling incident!]...I had selected reverse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That God for Mr Sensible Toyota engineer who made allowances for prats like me!

If I did not have warning beeps when in reverse I would have had most embarrising accident ever....

Reversing at extremely high speed into bus full of rush hour passengers!!!!

I hate commute!

But love the 'Lift'

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easiest and quickest way to do a temp job is simply use some coloured t-cut. some ***** hole went into my last car, just put alot of elbow grease into and cos it was just a bad scuff, it pretty much got rid of it.

Nice one, I think I'll grab some this weekend and give it a try. It left a tiny dint in one of the wheel arches too but again thats hardly noticeable. Its only when you look at it from a certain angle that you can see a little flat bit. My heart totally dropped when I heard it I though oh s**t!!! didnt have chance to look at it because I had a queue of traffic behind me but was so revlieved when I saw it was not on the metal! Never bumped any of my cars before :(

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That's minor, and on the protective film, lucky :) Get down to toyota and get a new set of arch protector film ordered up. You could try giving it a rub with something like autoglym super resin polish first, but i'm not convinced it would work:)

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