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Jap Style Ss Back Box And 5.5" Tail Pipe For Sale


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Due some time wasters... i still have this and just finally got round to puttin it up for sale again...

Its a custom made universal Jap Style exhaust sys with a 5.5" tail pipe and IMO sounds very deep and throaty... Seriously sweet but i wanted a different look to my car so i got a smaller twin installed which is the reason for sale. :bye:

Silencer Dia = 180mm

Tail pipe Dia= 130mm

Only been on the car between 04/03 till mid September and done no more than about 2k miles and looks the business... B)

The price is up for £70 ono...

If you know of anyone who would be interested then let me know...

some pics for ya...



And a couple of pics to show you how it looked on my Celica... :thumbsup:



You can contact me on 07973 233753 for further info...or pm me... :thumbsup:

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im interested, exhaust is blown on my starlet sr and have cash waiting,

curius to know how i could make it fit tho?

best best would be to post the dimensions in the starlet forum and see what people think..

Thanks for you call by the way.. and ive checked the size of the pipe at the back of the box and its 2.5 inches... or 64mm... :thumbsup:

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where did you get this back box? I'm looking for something similar for my supra

You have dragged up a post from 2004 :eek:

It is possible that you may not get an answer to your question.......but good luck :thumbsup:

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