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A Good Dash And A Sh*t One


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everyone is entitled to their own tastes! :angry:

however that person was born without any yuk :wacko:

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hahaha both are truely crap.... one is just funny...and as for the red one he needs to learn not to mix grey, green, gold, red and perspex! loll

I'm currently planning o do a big job on my interior. A complete job though.

I've come across some pics which are close to what I want. (shown below)

Everyone's got mixed opinions about how to colour my dash. Some say upholster it, some say spray it, i've thought of leather, but leather needs to be maintained alot or can have quite severe consequences..... I REALLY NEED SOME GOOD ADVICE ON WHAT THE BEST METHOD IS...if anyone has any light to shed on the situation please do so. would be much appreciated. I'l looking for something similar to the pics below except replace the white with black and the blue with white. I think it would look awsome on my white yaris. I just cant stand the greenish interior.... but i dont want it to look cheap.... i want it to look luxury.... i'm very willing to spend $$$ on this one.


help! :crybaby::crybaby:

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