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Gti Cambelt Change


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Hi guys...

Just got back from viewing another GTi. The price is right and has full MrT history.

Only problem is that it has just covered 126000 miles and I think is a little overdue on a cambelt change (it did have one at 62k). As a result I have not put a deposit down or agreed anything with the seller.

As the garages are now closed, does anyone have any idea of how much this would cost on a rolla GTi?

Is it a MrT job only or can other garages do the work?

Also how high should the clutches bite on these cars? This one is very near the top - very similar to my old MR2 and every other MR2 I have driven. Is this normal?

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It's a fairly easy job to replace the Cambelt on the GTi,there's plenty of room on the Cambelt side to work and the belt timing is simple to set up.

Most independant garages would be able to do this or if your are pretty confident with a set of spanners - you can do it yourself with the aid of a manual.

I would recommend fitting a Genuine belt though as I have had problems in the past with pattern timing belts,and knowing the damage which can occur when a belt fails,I only fit Genuine belts for peace of mind.

Considering the mileage of the 'rolla - it will probally have the original clutch in it and will be up for renewal if the "biting" point is at the top of the travel.

They are hydraulic in operation and apart from changing the clutch fluid every 3 years or so - there are no adjustments to the clutch its self - only the pedal height can be adjusted.

Hope this is some use to you.


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Cheers for the replies again guys...

Unfortunately by the time I realised this after getting home from viewing the car and phoning the seller back to say I wanted it afterall, he had sold it to someone else... :(

Oh well... let the search continue... :ph34r:

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