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Gen 6 Leather Seats?

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it is definately possible because there was a post about it on this website before... if you search the site you should find it. by the sounds of things it involves welding, but judging by the pictures posted by people who have done this, its worth it. post some pics and info if you do decide to fit them.

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hello mate,

It is possible, i did it a couple of months back, there's a thread (and photos) in my profile......

A chap called ben mellor has done a run down on 'club-celica' thats well worth looking at.

Its not the easiest job in the world as you need to drill the brackets off the front seats, leaving just the rails, fix the old brackets to ya car, pop the new seats on top, tack weld them in position, then remove them and weld them fully.

You'll need a mate to help you, Battery drill with a good supply of quality bits, a grinder, and a portable mig welder....

Its a bit of a daunting job for the average joe to be honest,

It takes a steady saturdays work but it's well worth the effort, it's totally transformed the feel of my interior.

Oh, as a bonus tho, the rear benches slot straight in.

Any questions, drop me a line, i'd be happy to help.


Rich :D


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in that case you've got competition! im also looking for a set if theyre at the right price ;)

i might have won then mate !! just picked up a full leather interior from a celica vvti on ebay for ........£200 :D

sound ok to me ,,in mint condition too just need a clean!!gonna have a go at fittin it this weekend so any tips or advice would be

cool,,,,thanks Dan

ps i will be sellin my mint cloth interior if anyone is interested and also my wheels seems as my new ones will be hear tomorrow :unsure: hopefully!!

drop me a line if interested

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.......be aware that your 'mint cloth interior' isn't going to have any brackets left on the seat rails when you come to sell it mate! :P

Oh, top-tip-- remember to cover ya carpets with damp towels when ya tacking em in position n try and remove all paint around the area ya going to weld.

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hi i recently fiited gen7 seats into my gen 6 celica without having to do any welding at all, im not sure if the leathers are different but the seat oan in a gen6 and 7 are the same so if you take the whole mechanism from your gen6 and remove your padding and bottom seat cover and bolt of the upright of the seat the gen 7 fits perfect on it. first one take a while but i did the second seat in about 45 minutes including takin out and re fitting, ask if that dont make much sense!!

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