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Can Locked Toc Threads Be "edited" By Admin ?


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Can locked threads be edited by admin? I know they can be wiped out but I'd like this one to stay as is. :thumbsup:

My point is, I had a "Flexys Back" thread locked after just one day, please read it because it is an eye opener.

I am at last justified with my "paranoia".Unless that or this thread is also "edited for a joke!" or deleted. :angry:

P.S. Screen shots are a useful tool,I've started using them. :thumbsup:

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Do you not read my replies - where is my PM?

If you have an issue, put it to me personally - or a PM to Les or Steve would be so much more efficient than publically posting..... ok so you lose the drama of it all but thats a small price to pay.

By the way, yes they can be unlocked and edited.

Edited by Demonic Angel
Edit to say stuff can be edited!
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As you don’t appreciate comments made by PM’s I will do this as an open message.

It was my decision just to give a suspension instead of an outright ban as numerous people had requested.

I foolishly thought that you might tone down the obvious (to everyone but yourself), irritating and annoying threads, I did find some of them amusing and sometimes interesting and thought you might actually like this forum enough to take part in the friendly atmosphere that the club can generate.

Unfortunately it seems my misplaced action has only delayed the inevitable.


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