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I am new to this forum but I just have a quick question.

Have any of you in the UK with T Sport Corollas been asked to bring your cars into the dealers to have the whole braking system changed?

My car is a Toyota staff car (my brother works there) and the dealer has said they want to have a look at the parts for analysis but they are changing discs, callipers and even lines!

I have been told this is not a recall and there are no problems but I have been into the dealers before complaining about lock ups and grabby braking!

Any of you had any braking problems?



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I have noticed the same type of symptoms with mine. brakes sometimes lock up under braking when car hits a hole in the road, manhole cover, etc. causing me to have to take my foot off the brake and re-apply.

Surely with ABS this should not be required.

Had a couple of frights with this when stopping at traffic lights. It doesn't fill you with confidence.

Told my dealer but he was un-interestred. Maybe should speak to him again if others are suffering the same symptoms.

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I have had the work done, new callipers, new discs and pads and i have to say the car is braking like it should now.

It might be that i have been expecting a change, it might also be down to the fact that they leant me a basic Yaris but i do feel more confident in the brakes now.

My dealer again stressed that there is no problem and that they are not recalling the cars but if i get chance over the next few weeks i will take some photo's of the callipers and post them so that you can see if they are the same as yours or not.


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