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K And N For 1.4


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For those with the little engines, I was talking to the K and N guys at Autosport yesterday.

The guys said that the Induction Kit for the 1.4 Year 2000 shape coralla should be ready for sale in the next 2-3 months, he gave me some contact details etc, if anyone is still intersted I will keep you updated! :thumbsup:

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I have just contacted K and N.

They guy was wrong, and induction kit for the 1.4 is not even on there development list!

(thinking I am just going to buy a general non-specific kit and make it fit, if anyone has done this feel free to post any advice before I make a purchase, cheers? what about the 1.6 kit???)

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I actully heard on here the Blitz filter fitted......its a Celica 190 one....i got mine from a Jap breakers who we deal with at work.....all i did to make it fit was slide the air pipe round a little......it hasnt made much difference performance wise...if you dont fancy this....drill you air box......i had 5 holes in my base and it made a really cool growl.....


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