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GT4 or Evo4?  

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  1. 1. GT4 or Evo4?

    • GT4 (ST205)
    • Evolution 4

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Went to have a look at a supra on Saturday. Didnt like it and have really been put off supra's all together now but saw this sweet Lancer Evolution 4 on a 97 P plate.

Has done 70k miles but is 100% standard, 280bhp 0-60 of 5secs. White with 16" OZ wheels.

Im trying to sell my GT4 for £8495 but i havent had any interest in it really. The Lancer is £10k and he is going to give me roughly £7k for the GT4.

My GT4 is a 95 on an N and as 53k miles on the clock.

Tough decision.

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Thanks guys, but its too late im sold :(


Went to look at the evo today and fell in love with it.

So im off to the world of mitsubishi. But im still gonna stay on this owners club if anyone wants to know anything about the ST205 :D

Im getting a good deal on the GT4 and i really want to get rid of it.

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I thought you wanted a Supra anyway ? Why were you put off of Supras ?

Well UK supras are the only supras im interested in and they are very hard to get hold of and very pricy.

For a deicent 95 M Supra with about 80k on the clock your looking at £10,500 -11000.

The Evo has equal horse power, equal 0-60. Also my Evo is MINT and im not just saying that. Its like a brand new car.

71k on the clock and its a 97 P reg for £10k.

So instantly the Evo is a better buy money wise. On top of that your not going to get 5 people and 5 suitcases in a Supra. :lol:

The Active Yaw 4wd system means that the car can whip 99% of the cars out there round corners too. The GT4 4WD system is good but the Mitsubishi corners 10 times better than a GT4.

Im really sad to be leaving the Toyota scene. This sint to say im leaving the club, im still going to be on here as much as i've always been but its sad that im not really a proper Toyota nut anymore.

Unfortunatelyi wanted a new car and didnt want another celica, couldnt live with a supra/mr2 because of the practicality. I did see if i could get a Caldina GT4 imported (Avensis with GT4 engine) but they are way more expensive than a Scooby or Evo.

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:lol: Yeah the Evo 4 is the same as the 5 and 6 but has the HUGE rally lights on it.

Insurance is only about £100 more than the GT4. :thumbsup:

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:lol: Thanks guys :thumbsup: I didnt want to end up like all those sheep who own scooby's. Every muppet and his mate has got one.

The Evo isnt as rare as the GT4 but its rarer than gen 6 celica's in general. I wanted to still have something a little unique.

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I personally think the Evo 5 is the best for the price when it comes to styling, power, rarity and tuning potential. My next 'supercar' will 100% be an evo 5. And id just like to say resepect for not buying a scooby. Omg they are the most common cars and are well in the muppet scene now. The scooby is lost to the muppets..but long live the Evo!

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This is more my level! :D

R Reg Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 6 Replica 1.5 GLX Triptronic

Petrol, Semi-automatic, Silver, Saloon, 52,000 miles , 4 Doors. Climate Control, PAS, E/Windows, Radio Cassette, Evo 6 Recaro Interior, 17" Alloys, Full Evo 6 Kit, E/Mirrors, Looks Like The Real Thing At Only P/X, Finance, Warranties Avalible £5,995. 


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Evo 5 is the best for the price when it comes to styling, power, rarity and tuning potential

Thanks guys, i did concider the EVO 5&6 but im not a fan of the wheel arch extensions. The EVO 4 hasnt got these and therefore looks a bit more reserved. As far as tuning goes the engines in the evo 4-8 are the same and can be tuned up just as much so im not sure what you mean about their potential.

The only diffrence i know of is that the turbo on the 4 is slightly diffrent to the 5 but they still boost as quick and to the same pressure. There were a few changes to the engine for the 7&8 but these are like changes in materials etc and the engines specifications are still the same roughly.

I have thought of getting a Scorpio Cosworth but the reliability of these engines is questionable. Also your find it hard to get one under 100k miles in good nick. Im always skint but managed to scrape together the pennies. :lol:


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