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Gen 5 Imports


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Conversation with a lad in the pub last night, regarding my import.

are imports fitted with restrictors under Jap Law?

is it possible that a toyota dealer at mot time would change anything on the car to make it less powerful?

since getting an mot done, the car seems slower!

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All cars used in Japan have a 180Kph(112Mph) speed limiter. It's always possible for a dealer to adjust something that affects performance but for an Mot it's unlikely unless the car failed on emmisions and they adjusted something to get a pass.

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check this out, they import cars, and are advising that all jap imports are limited to 112mph,

i dont think this can be right as im sure mine has gone alot faster than that! before.

anyone know how to unrestrict or to find out if it is :

or do i get a straight road and boot it!??????

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