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New Cd Player


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Just bought a Sony CDX-C5000R CD Player off e-bay. Are they any good?

Paid £62, but believe it's a used unit.

Any advise on buying off e-bay, it's my first time using this site!

Spec as follows:-

Tuner SSIR-EXA ABC tuner Can adjust the tuner bandwidth, depending on current environmental conditions. Improved sound quality and adjacent station interference result. DAB control FM-18/MW-6/LW-6 Presets - using BTM (Best Tuning Memory) RDS/EON CD-tuner Mechanism 1 x CD CD Text CD-R playback capability Digital filter: 8 fs D/A conversion: 1 bit Frequency response: 10-20000 Hz Signal to noise ratio : 90 dB Repeat, Shuffle Changer control CD Text A compact disc and player feature utilizing disc, track and artist information encoded directly on the CD media. Both playback and media components must have CD Text compatibility. Custom file A feature package that provides intuitive and safe source management for an audio and A/V system. Examples include Disc Memo, Station Memo and Memo List. CD/MD List function CD Title/Scroll Repeat, Shuffle Amplifier Output power: 4 x 26 W Max. output power: 4 x 50 W Separate Bass, treble control D-Bass (Dynamic Bass) Front and rear pre-amp Out Switchable Low Pass Filter Other features Segment display Multi colour display Display dimmer Key Illumination: Amber, Green (Swicthable) Safety Commander interface: 3.5 mm Removeable front panel Clock Telephone Attenuator ISO connector Dimension (W x H x D in mm): 178 x 50 x 183.


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its a Sony so will never go wrong

he he he - my mate who works with car ice stuff would laugh at that comment.

He's got such a low regard for Sony stuff - he now refuses to stock and sell the stuff ..

Same with JVC and Kenwood. It's all designed for the Saxo brigade who like quoting amount spent and now quality ..

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I've got a load of Sony separates .. and they are fine ..

But he was getting fed up of people returning car kit .. he's of the opinion they are not up to the quality they should be, and about a year behind in technology ..

He now seems to stock and use Alpine, Phonex Gold, JL Audio .. he's heavily into his ICE, think he had a 145 Db 406 for a while as his runabout .. he's now got an MR2 and a A6 .. both crammed with Alpine ..

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