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Please Help. Camry Owner (1992 V6 Le) Looking At Yaris/echo

potential buyer

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Hello: I'm in the unfortunate position of a not-at-fault car accident on the weekend, and my 16.75 year old Camry (1992 V6 LE) will probably be written off because the air bag deployed ($$), in addition to the front end damage. Insurance companies typically want to write off older cars and give you the book price for the car. This is bad news for me, because the car runs well and has really low mileage for its age ...about 125,000 km. I will never get reliable wheels for the low amount of cash I'll likely get. Also, I'll likely have to make a quick decision once the final insurance assessment is in. The insurance agent was 99.9 % sure it would written off as totalled.

I understand I can insist they repair it, but all repairs above book value have to be assumed by me, plus, I do know of other repairs I'd also need to make before the winter (new cabin seals, and A/C didn't work this summer, and not sure about heater). Also, you really have to jump through hoops, and I'm not in the head space for that. (I'm off work with a serious illness.) Anyhow, I'm looking at options, and am interested in a used Echo/Yaris. I've been reading reviews which seem great, except for one which appreciated the Yaris but really dissed the Echo.

I am tall (6' 2"), and have heard this car has great headroom. Did the Yaris maintain the headroom of the Echo? I read some serious complaints about the comfort of the seats, while others had good things to say. I have chronic back/neck pain from some previous injuries. What about the comment I read about noisy at high speeds? Does anyone have advice for me? My financial status has changed drastically and another Camry is out of the question, however, I'd like a Toyota. I am trusting that I'll be happy with this model too. In the used market, should I be looking for an Echo or a Yaris? Is there a particular year that's better? I think I'd like ABS. I've never had it before, though. I read something on here about a recall due to rusty floorboards. Should I be asking about if the car has had the repair? Any and all advice, pointers etc., would be most appreciated and welcomed. Having an accident when you're already off work with illness is a little over the top in terms of stress.

Thank you.

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PM sent

Thank you Haylands for the excellent info. Much appreciated! Sent PM response.

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