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Hi everyone this is my first post, so be gentle :)

I bought my Vitz from a Japanese importer about 5 months ago. It's my second car afer having driven a car that was about to fall apart for my first year (1987 Hyundai Pony Excel) and the car was worth every penny!

However I find one thing quite annoying.. The lack of a tachometer in the car's instrumentation.. I'd like to have this installed and would like to know whether I can replace the Japanese stock digital instruments with european instruments from a Toyota dealer..

Thanks in advance :D

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no the digi dash has one its like a bar that sweeps across the top of the screen

not as good as the t-sport one in my own opinion cos youve got the classic needle rev counter instead


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Yeah the needle rev counter looks much better but my main concern is price.. since I'm flat broke :)

Oh hi and thanks miss T! :D

i wouldnt try to buy a new un!!

keep ya eyes open for one thats been wrecked. ya main concern may be changing the millage on the odemeter to its correct value for the car


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