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Toyota Celica/corona Help 1974 Coupe


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Hi guys im new to this site.

Im posting this link here also as even though my cars a corona it has ltos in commin with the Celica of the times so maybe you guys can help.

Well let me start with my Car Its a 1974 Toyota Corona RT100 (i think) Coupe. It was made with the 16R and I'm guessing a 4 speed Gearbox, however a previous owner swapped the 16R for a 18R motor and 5 speed ( I think its a T50 Unsure however) anyway once i bought the car I restored her and painted her black. I then bought a rebuilt 18RG motor and got it professional put in as it wasn't a strait swap completely... The gearbox and diff etc were completely stock from the original times when it was made and (for the gearbox) when the 18r was put in her.

For a while it was running great but then it all went wrong....

One day i was driving along in second gear and then all of a sudden the revs got higher however the car did not accelerate. then the revs droped down intill the motor stopped. from this point on when you tryed to turn the Key over the stator motor would Work/Spin but you would here a horrible grinding noise (in Neutral or clutch pressed), i thought ***** the flywheel must be broken or something like that as it was a "grinding sound when you turnt the key" However as you let go of the key so the starter could wind down etc you would then hear a rattling type sound like something hitting something else. so the other day i decided after 8 months of the car sitting in storage in a garage to try and fix this problem. The first thing i did was to check that the motor did not attcually seize that day 8 months ago, I turned the crank around with a spanner clockwise and it turned relatively well (keeping in mind there was a lot of compression as spark plugs were still in) but it turned around. I then took the starter motor off (took some time as its kinda caged in ) and pulled it out of the motor so i could see the teeth, they appeared fine and will all present, then i placed my fingers inside the startor motor hole to feel for the Fly Wheel and i felt it and felt the teeth i tryed to rotate it so i could feel inspect the whole wheel however it only moved around little bit (but enough) due to the compression of the motor once again. so the flywheel also appeared so far to be ok possibly.

so what me and my mates are thinking is that either the Gear Box (probaly a t50) or some area in the clutch has caused this problem, and also quite possibly the diff (however the car can still roll so the diff being the problem to me seems unlikely but im no expert. So we plan to Pull the T50 Gearbox out and inspect the bell houseing and gearbox and clutch area. If this is the problem we were thinking too swap the box with a w50 box and while its apart replacing the clutch also.

My first question is can anyone give me any surgestions or help on what i have talked about above.

2ndly if i was going to replace the gearbox and clutch (hoping this is the problem) i might as well put a decent DIFF in the car as it only has the original diff that was connected to the 16r setup. could someone please give me any help on a diff /driveline setup that would work and be strong and if possible be limited slip.

Kind Regards.

P.S my mate knows more about cars than me i'm a electrician by trade


more pictures at: http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2944581



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