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Condensation In Cts


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My CTS has decided this winter to start getting condensation on the inside of the windows.

Last year i had no problems.

Is it anything to do with the Air Con needing a service?

It's off for its 30k service tomorrow, so should i get them to service the aircon units?

Thanks in advance


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How bad is it?

Is it like a mist on the inside, or darn big droplets of water?

My Corolla does "steam up" sometime when I've used it and then left it for a few hours (without using the aircon). Maybe because the inside is wamer than the outside after use.

If I use the aircon, I always switch it off a short way before home to give it time to dry out. This helps prevent the build up of mist on the inside.

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Condesnsation on the inside of the windows is nothing special, especialy in winter time(or cold, or rainy wather) because there is lot of humidity in the air.

The problem is worse in the Cars with AC (lot of people say that)!Ussually there is no problem with AC, just try to replace cabin air filter, which could absorb lot of water from the air, especially if the filter is dirty.

PS:30k km(then 60k, 90k,...) is time to replace the cabin filter if you take a look into service schedule plan.

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