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Introducing My Auris!


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At least Kingo will :D Mate you should really try and find out the part number for that deflector which is available in Aus. I think they will be able to order it for you. Same as I did with JDM wind deflectors.

Yeah fun run for sure, it's like gumball but with less hurry and they stick together as a team. Has anyone spotted them in Europe so far?

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I was dreaming for a long time to get Skoda/Volvo style DRL foggies with 4 LEDs in each unit. And finally I found something suitable, actually it was plug&play. Pretty bright output, colour temp is 4350K. The old ones were too blue for my liking and also too dim. These are more white when looking in person and separate light sources can be seen so they're not looking same as in the picture. I decided to grow up and get factory-looking white lights and get more brightness so I ordered them. Finally, at the end of last week they arrived.


On the left is the old fog unit with H11 LED DRL bulb in it.


Oh and I waxed the car so had to make a general shot :)


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Long time since I visited the forum last time. Now some updates:


Full dark optics done. Now have smoked side blinkers installed.







Tried HKS muffler but did not like it because it's louder and not as classy as my Remus. If someone's interested it's for sale now.





Installed darker tints on all front windows, even the windshield. Now they're done with 50% Crystalline instead of 70%. Also have 5% dark stripe on top of my windshield. 50% is really dark compared to 70% as the old one had a blue-ish hue and more of the mirror effect. This one is just dark. But I like it!









Installed a new horn set with compressor. The new kit works together with the old horn. Loud and nice!








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New year new projects. But first one of my problems. I experinced this with my custom Goodridge brake lines. I sent them original lines to make copies of but obviously the guys messed things up. First time the front line got broked after rubbing against something and Goodridge sent me new set. After installing it and driving for a year or so I lost my front brakes almost totally because the line was worn out again and I did not notice it in time. Almost an accident but was lucky so everything went fine. Now I am having a dispute with Goodridge and they promised to return the money. Let's see what will happen. Probably they made wrong copies, too long or something so the lines were rubbing against something and got worn out. Couple of pics to show you the damage:





Then the positives. I ordered and installed new blinker relay which deletes fast blinking after installing LEDs, makes automatically more than one blinkings after swiping the blinker joystick or briefly pressing hazard button. Amount is programmable. Also blinking rate/60 seconds can be adjusted. Nice thing! One company in Russia is producing these. 






Then... Also from Russia. HPL Crossfire which can be installed in the front blinker session. It will stay in DRL mode (white) and start blinking amber when the blinker will be turned on. Should be super bright aswell. Not sure if it will fit my HID color temperature though so let's see if I will install or just use amber/amber high power LEDs which I am waiting to arrive. 








Also I have two LED light bars. I am planning to install them on the rear shelf and connect to the fog light which I have disabled do to having reverse lights on both sides. I will then be able to turn the bars on with rear fog switch when reversing on really dark driveways. Or to make happy some driver behind me with high beams on. Also not sure if I will install these or not.













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Already used two sets of GoodYear Eagle F1 in 225/40/18 but as I am more lowered now with coilovers they were rubbing so I decided to go for 215/40/18. They did not produce them in this size so I decided to change and went for Yokohama Advan Sport V105. Let's see how will they perform. Ordered from the UK BTW (Camskills) :)





I also bought couple of Edding 750 markers in order to paint the texts on the sides of the tyres.



Wanted to get something like this (I know these are stickers, but you get the idea. Car is GT86 BTW.



But my result was poor. From far it looked cool but after a closer look... Well, take a look yourself.






So I decided to get back to stock and removed the texts.


My driver's side mat started to be in a poor shape so I had to buy a new set. Nice mats I think, fit very well and even have holes for the original hooks on the driver's side.









And the I bought two bottles of Areon fresh vanilla scented car freshener, emptied the bottles and rinsed them, put in some essential oil (should be 100% natural) with a scent of a grapefruit and now enjoying really nice and fresh fruity scent. Everyone seems to notice it and give positive feedback.






Wunder trees are there just for fun. I ordered them once as a test and actually they were the best scent that Wunder-Baum is offering. Can't get cherry from Finland BTW, don't know why. 


I still have couple of other projects for this year and also will probably update the lights, just need to decide which option I'd like to choose. So probably will post an update in a while, watch this space.

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To update and close this thread I would like to thank everyone on this community who's been following the progress and helping. My Auris is for sale now as I got a new car recently. Auris was and still is a great car. I made it even better by modifying it. Things it's still lacking is powerful engine, comfort and good interior. It also was leaking from rear end couple of times (rear lights, air vents behind the bumper, then rear door). After taking it apart and drying and sealing for several times I got a new car. Decided there is no sense to invest in this car anymore. Could have just kept driving and maintaining it, but wanted something more stock yet still as nice or even nicer than Auris with all it's modifications. 

Couple of pictures to post. And please feel free to contact me if you're interested to buy some parts as there will probably be a part out.

Most probably at least following parts can be sold separately:




-strut brace/sway bad

-pedal booster

-front optics


-tinted side blinkers

-blinker relay (aftermarket, programmable)

-wind deflectors







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