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get a standard Momo and get a TRD horn button off fensport ..

In fact I've got an old Momo wheel - well Ryan has it at the moment ..

Momo .... where... where ??

What about sizes also ? I've noticed them in different diameter sizes.

Fensport do a TRD horn ?? Sweet !!

Can you recommend any particular wheel ?

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Yep it's about £500 quid if you want one mate :thumbsup:

Envy Performance


any bigger pics ?? When you goto select the pics it comes up with only Supras.

Also... it has an airbag.. my motor doesn't. An issue ?

They can get any trd wheel for the toyota range.

If your car does not come with an airbag do what Bibbs Suggests loads cheaper :thumbsup: The only reason the TRD wheels are so much is because they have the airbag but they do look good :) :) Might see one in my car at some point B) B)

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Jimlad my bro still has a brand spanking new Momo Race steering wheel. Its 350mm, still boxed and has never ever been used/fitted. Been kickin about in his garage for over a year now forgot all about it till i seen the momo steerin wheel pics. I can get him to sell you it:


But check out his original TRD edition wheel in his TRD ST206. Its officially manufactured by Momo For TRD(has Momo emblem on horn Badge too) Its full leather and well chunky, has an awsome feel to it. Bah I want it! :


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Ill find out at 9 when he finishes. Jimlad im sure MTTE do the quickshift much cheaper han Fenny. My bros car came standard with the TRD quickshift it feels really good every1 comments on how cool the short throw feels in his car. I think you get the gearknob with the fensport one which is why its pricey but MTTE dont povide it hence cheaper. I personally think the TRD gearknob is cack. My bro chucked his away. The TRD Badge peels off very easilt too cheap basts.

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