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Garages In South Wales / Engine Suppliers


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Anyone know of anywhere in the south wales region that could do a decent rebuild on my phase 1 (bluetop) 4age? The bottom end let go the monday before christmas :crybaby: , I can't find anyone that can do me a repair or (probably cheaper) replacement at the moment.

I've been trying to get hold of a low-milage imported phase one engine, but my usual source of shiny bits etc hasn't got any available until the end of Feb at earliest and can't guarantee that there'll be any on the container they're receiving from Japan.

From what I can gather, for a repair I'd be looking at new crankshaft, bearings, con rod, piston, couple of other bits and pieces, plus the labour charges of yanking out the engine, stripping it and rebuilding it.

Proof, if any was needed, that Santa hates me.

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Heh, was thinking of a late spec 4-agze with a garrett t-3 bolted to it... only problem is insurance. Been driving for almost seven years, only problem is I've only had insurance on my own motor for 1 1/2 years.

Plus I'm skint. Well, skint enought to not be able to afford a full swap at the moment (was going to do it in september, why couldn't the engine have lasted that long) but I can replace the existing engine with an import if need be.

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The local scrappy tried telling me there was no such thing at a 1600cc mr2 (until I turned up at his yard in my dad's car, which is actually the blue mk1 mentioned in one of the other threads, last owner was from the sw-cc and was blathering about the kick at 5000rpm etc). There's nothing on autotrader for less than £600 (plus they're all phase two engines, which my insurance company has happily informed me they won't allow me to install in my car under my policy as they'd consider it a performance modification :eek: )

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