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Interior Mods - Advice?


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hi guys, thanks so much for the previous help on my head light conversion (re: HID thread)

i am very happy with the end results - oh btw i got into contact with someone who is trying to do the clear altezza tail lights with my gen1 paseo, should he be able to do it i will post here again - but dont hold your breath yet as i have no idea how or what he's going to do....

but this is my next step.. i got paid from work (finally) and am interested in doing some interior mods.. atm its pretty stock clean with only a nice red/black leather gear shifter fitted... am curious about neons, also the black light version of neons? anyone here got suggestions? pics of these at work would help me decide also!

what kind of work and parts will i need? i found some nice 6" and 9" tubes at a good price locally... but do i need another power source?....

:help: any advice would be great! :thumbsup:


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I had a 4-1 adaptor for my cigarette lighter/dash power source, and plugged in two 9" red neons, along with my radar, and still had room for more. It worked well untill the gf kicked and broke one of the tubes. $20 wasted... :( :unsure::crybaby:

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you have a radar in your car?! :eek: what is it and what does it do?

going to have a lookie at your site to see if you have any pics of it :)

but will there always be wires hanging out from the lighter slot?...

found some washer LEDs.. going to add them as well as the neons :) hehe

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most neons should come with a switch so youll have to take the dash apart & find a place for that - then i'd hide the wiring under the floor & run it up to the dash some how.

i did that with a rear exterior fog lamp - was pretty straight forward. got the switch by my eleccy mirror controls on the drivers side.

when he said radar i think what he means is a scanner - to pick up police cameras.


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Yes, J's right, I'm just so used to dropping the word "detector" and just leaving Radar, that I forget it sometimes confuses people! :P

Unfortunately I did have wires running out all over the place, but since neon's not really and option anymore, I don't now!

I'm thinking about buying LED underbody. It's like neon, but it's a tad lighter, and has 8 programmable patterns, which I think would look absolutely stunning!


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humm... radar detector... i should get one... cant afford to loose licene to speeding again ... :P

any recommendations? and how they work?

and yeah i did a bit of research.. it seems the LED tubes are much better than the neons (brighter, more durable) - but also saw some 'cold cathode' tubes?? they looked good too hehe

been waiting on eBay but nothing great.. so will juss pop down to the shops and get some soon, find an auto electrician and hope they dont rape me on the pricing of hooking it all up!!

if possible will fit a 'missle' switch next to my mirrors (will they need to cut a few holes?)

for all the 'special' lighting!! woot.. so excited :group-cuddles:

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