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My Birthday Present


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Hi guys & girls,

Just bought myself a birthday present. A 1991 mr2 GT 'T' bar in silver grey metallic mist.

Any how problem is i want to put some 17" alloys on (mantis looks fave at mo) and i am really struggling to find some. I have sorted out some lowering springs, found a top guy to fit em,just need the wheels to complete. I live about 20 mile south of doncaster so any suggestions as to where to go would really be appreciated . . . . cheers . . .Tony.


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Hi, I've been looking at Wolfrace Mantis' also. Nowhere has them in stock at the minute, Wolfrace are making some more.

They don't make them in different widths though, just standard 17" and 18".... so you will have to sacrifice the cars handling and stick 17s all round. Or get 18s on the back, 17s on the front.

See the topic 'Wheel Sizes'

www.topgear.co.uk will do this for you for £920 with Toyo tyres all round.

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Thanks for reply John.

Found one company 'rochford tyres' that do a set of 17" mantis with toyo rubber for about £580 but I need to ring,check availability. it's mail order and takes about a week.Do I,don't I . . . . blumming eck i don't know. . . never thought it would be this hard but it's alot of money to Shell out then find you don't like em is'nt it?

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Cheers for that site Russell. Very helpful. made me think thicker spokes would look better on mine. was looking at mantis but not any more.And just when you think it was safe to go back in the water . . . lol. I know what will happen i will get some then see some i like better , is that not always the way.

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