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Corolla Facelift (is Coming Or Not?)

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:help: I am about to buy the new corolla (I have the corolla 99-the previous from the vvt-i,the first edition).I am confused because I don't know when the facelift is comming.From this forum I learned about a german site ,writing that the facelift is coming in July.Do you know if this is true?I am searching too much about this matter because the other time, just after I had bought my corolla the new corolla came(only 6 months..........).Moreover, I will sell the previous one which is in excellent condition.I would get a higher price if I sold it now,so I don't know what to do.Can I learn anything from the company.I think that this is something like a secret on not (?). :help:
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I was in the same situation I had ordered a CTS and as soon as I learned about the

facelift I canceled the order. It must be true because I contacted TTE and they said

that they have heard something but they do not know when. It has also been writen in

a few magazines at least here in greece. They say summer but you can never be sure. Take

into consideration that toyota never reveals its projects until last minute. And also a

facelift is absolutely logical at this moment. Just think that in summer corolla will be in the

market for 2,5 years almost in the middle of its cycle, and this is the year that most of Toyota' s competitors reveal their new cars. New golf, focus, astra, mazda 3, facelift 147, facelift civic. So I ' d better wait a few months rather than buy a car that will be replaced in a few months and depreciates rapidly. I also want my car to stay new for as long as possible after I buy it. I wonder why toyota do that to it's cars every few years. I know many people who do not buy toyota for this reason, the constant change in models. Just see golf and astra 6 years in production without even 1 facelift.

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Hi there,

Iam in the same situation too. The only valid information that i have is the magazine "Autotriti" issue 3/2004. On page 16 says that the new corolla (facelift) will arrive in Greece on June 2004.

Iam writing from Cyprus and iam not sure if "Autotriti" a valid magazine.

Also do you know,

a) What is expected to change with the facelift?

B) What usuall toyota does on facelifts?

Thanks a lot

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Toyota never changes much in facelifts, especially since there is not much to change... TS is already top spec, and I would expect the biggest changes to be in lower spec vehicles... Corolla still looks fresh and nice so dont expect much. Usually Toyota changes front and back lights during facelifts but you can update that on you car and besides as I said previously there is not much to change in Corolla.

I would expect newer models to receive a small spare tire and another 20 liters of boot based on that :).

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This is what I've heard:

My friend works in a dealer shop and says there's some rumours that there would be a new version of corolla coming next summer. This model would have four-wheel-drive and 250hp :)

Nothing to do with the facelift, but a good reason to wait few months. Maybe they'll sell the "old" CTS in a lower price before the new model ships in!!!???

Sorry if this is old "news". I'm not really active reader of this forum...

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