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Im sure Ferrari charge £1900 for a timing belt change :P

Na but seriously phone them and ask its quite a list im sure. Theyll probably give you a huge list, scuff your paintwork up, crack a light and glue it back and only carry out 60% of the job :)

You best tread carefully Toyota are very accurate about the 60k limit of thier timing belt it usually snaps by 62kodd. And dont beleive the hype of the 'non-interference design' malarky it will cause damage if your at high rpm when it occurs. Keep it at around 3.5 max.

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TBH get a quote for the service first, and find out what it covers. If you dabble in cars, you will find that most of the stuff you can deal with yourself i.e. changing oil, filters, gearbox oil, dizzy cap etc. Cam belt is really a workshop job. You may be able to get a local trustworthy garage to do it for you.

And yes cambelt is very important, there will be engine damage if this snaps at high revs.

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Called up Toyota and said that I needed a 60,000 mile service etc....

They said it would cost £197.00 for the service and £589.00 to do the Timing Belt!

Total includes VAT and Labour for a service and timing belt change = £786.00!! :ffs:

So I hunted around for a garage to give me a better price and found one right on my door step quoting a Timing Belt at £250 (this icludes VAT and labour) Just saved £339.00!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I remember this was the case with a new clutch too. I had a performance clutch (like the one used on the Supra Twin Turbo) supplied and fitted for £250.00 (have a mate in the trade). Toyota's quote for a standard clutch supplied and fitted £980!!!

Now I'm not so sure whether I need to get a service with Toyota? As long as it has a service history stamped up. :yes:

When my Turbo Import came over to this country it had no service history with it. So I had the car checked out with Toyota which said the car was sound. So I started the service history from 2001. ;)

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Just be careful cos MrT prices on camblet are high as the engine needs dropping. Cheaper quotes are made becasue there is a second more fiddly, less accurate (and potentially more damaging) method that requires the engine to be 'shifted' somehow. It straines quite a few things as you could imageine. Find out how they will do it.

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I understand what your saying and will ask them. They have done work for me in the pass and seem good compared with my local Toyota garage for where I have had my last 4 MR2's serviced over the years and found them to be a little careless. Makes me wonder if Toyota would really do it by the book, they might also drop the engine and as you say shift drop to one side? <_<

I friend of mine worked at a much larger Toyota garages, BMW and Nissan and to be honest I have heard some right dodgey horror stories with cutting corners. :!Removed!:

I will find out :ph34r:

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