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what about the side indicator, what bulb size are they? they look smaller an normal, and how do I take the cover off

just push on the lens and it unclips from the wing i dunno bout the bulb. i had a look a few days ago cos im gonna convert them to LEDs, just couldnt figure how it came out


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At wrok we have got a firm to make us a bulb to get rid of the fried egg effect that will work in most japaneese 21W indicator bulbs. they have a wierd fit but we can do it. Watch this space but if people are interested then contact me.

The side is git, its a sealed unit, the bulb comes part of the lense which is a git lol. Im gona chek if the ft is a cover i think that its a bulb tho.

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they aren't cheap, but certainly different if that's what you're after!

have had mine for a few years now, and have only had one of the bulbs smashed (i think by a rogue stone) and I managed to source a replacement quite cheaply anyway.

I paid about 360 quid for mine, and then another 150 for fitting them (as I'm useless at anything practical!) but totally worth it i can guarantee you

any more questions on the lights, then PM me by all means

Pav :thumbsup:

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