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Rav-4 For A First Car?

Ravvi the Rav-4

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Hi guys and gals,

Just joined the site, first let me say sorry if this has been posed before, spent an hour on the site looking but couldn't find anything.

I'm thinking of getting a Rav-4 for my first car and I'm just looking at finances...

So far my cost broken down is -

Cost of car - 2.0 GX £1,700(approx)

Insurance - £680

Tax - £185

I've also had a look at the shouldpay.co.uk website for an idea on repair prices.....gotta admit that was a great find on here!

I've pretty much got everything I need to sit and work it all out etc, however one area I can't work out.....Fuel cost!

I know the Rav-4 is approx 30 mpg, give or take, however I just can't get my head round the cost of petrol, does anyone know from the top of the head how much it is to fill a Rav-4 these days?

Also any other general bits and pieces of advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading

Edited: not sure if this is important or not but I'm looking at the bigger 5 door model, not the 3 door.....

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Hi Ravvi

welcome to the Forum.

cost of a tank of petrol? if it is empty, my RAV takes about £55 to brim it :crybaby: - and takes me around 350 miles before I need to fill it again.

Make sure you shop around for insurance well - varies a lot, especially when you have no no-claims or previous history. You can also use cashback sites like quidco to go through to buy car insurance and get up to £100 back which helps :)

The RAV4's are great cars and the first model (RAV4.1) which sounds like the one you looking at are very reliable and well liked :thumbsup:

good luck :D

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Hi Ravvi, welcome, read your post had a look on eBay, quite a few 5dr ravs for around £2000, but a lot more 3drs, do you need the space? for a first car i assume you are a new driver the 3 dr would be easier to park, and with rear seats folded you will be surprised what it will accomodate and TBH i much prefer the look of the 3dr, but don't tell a certain scottish person on here that i just said that, Fuel currently just under £1per litre, 4.54 ltrs to the gallon, so £4-50 pg, 12gallon tank approx £54, What a great choice for a first car, need any further help there are people on here who should be on mastermind (not me) just ask :thumbsup: PS if its your first car i assume you have no P EX, you should be able to grab a bargain.. :yes:

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