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Found on Yahoo news

German woman causes car park chaos

BERLIN (Reuters) - A German woman caused more than 100,000 euros (69,000 pounds) of damage when an attempt to back out of her spot in a parking garage ended with her car on its roof and four other vehicles damaged.

Police said the woman reversed sharply out of her spot on the upper level of a multi-storey parking in the southwestern town of Kirchen, writing off a parked Nissan and damaging a Mitsubishi next to it.

She then accelerated forward, speeding through her original parking place and over a low protective wall -- pitching her Audi some six metres (20 feet) down on to a lower level of the car park.

The car crashed on to a Renault, hit a Citroen and finally came to rest on its roof.

Police said on Monday the woman was treated in hospital but that her injuries were not life-threatening. "A blood test was taken after suspicions she was under medication," a spokesman said.

:lol: Made me laugh, but I'd be gutted if I came back to my car to find it underneath someone elses!

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thats funny alright,i had a piccie before of a woman in the states who reversed out over the wall of a muti-storey car park,stoped with half the car dangleing about 100 feet over the road.it took something like 3 fire bridage units to rescue her :lol:

if i can find it i'll post it up.

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Reminds me of a time that I reckoned that I could get through a ford in an old SAAB 99. My mates told me to forget it, but I went ahead. :rolleyes:

The road (track really) stopped just before the water and the bottom of the ford was stones basically. I engaged first gear and got the revs going and carefully progressed through the water (I've had 4x4 experience before). We bumped and bounced through the river and we were making good progress, then BUMP! we the front wheel hit a large boulder, lifted the car off the bottom and I lost all traction. Momentum lost I came to a grinding halt in about 2 ft of water. Despite managing to keep the engine running I never got enough grip to start off again. :ffs:

It being 6am we started to look for someone to help. The local farmer eventually pulled me out at about 9am. The car was nicknamed "the submarine" by my mates from that day on. :lol:

No pictures, but it looked very much like the one in the previous message :P

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Another ridiculous story from Yahoo news:

Belgians use gadget car... to catch rabbits

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgian police have caught two rabbit poachers whose armour-plated getaway car was kitted out with so many gadgets it would not have been out of place in a James Bond film.

Belga news agency said on Tuesday the poachers were caught overnight with 14 wild rabbits in the back of a car they had reinforced with metal plates to stop bullets.

The car was also equipped with an automated box ready to spring tyre traps to slow pursuers. The poachers had fitted a halogen lamp on the outside to blind their prey and shielded the car's number plates with lead sheeting to avoid identification.

There was also a device to eject two old bicycles fixed on the back of the car on to the road as an obstacle to any vehicle in hot pursuit, Belga reported.

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