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Playstation 3 Id Tags?

Karma Supra

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MonkeySpaz5000.... but tbh, I never play it. I only ever play the 360.

The only time it comes on to play is for Singstar. Singstar + Booze = funnyness!

Question for you mate, what made you get the PS3 over the 360? (don't want to start a 5 page thread about this btw!). Just curious as I have both and like I say, only play the 360.

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I have always had playstations and have never liked Xboxes for some reason..

I never got on with the X box controllers, from what I have read the consoles are flakey and unrelaible... ugly too :P

I thought the Blue ray feature would be handy, and the theory was that I could ditch the PS2 and just have the one console under my telly.... however PS2 games don't work at all! Not even limited compatbility :(

The other main reason is GT5 when its out.... plus I got it for free as part of my bonus from work ;)

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Not too fussed on GT5. Prefer various other games.

Do however, Enjoy playing Race Driver: GRID.. Great game in my opinion. I sold my 360 after a few months to pay for the Wii, then the PS3 followed.

As for the compatability, you needed to get a 60GB PS3 and they were very limited. I don't mean the same 60GB as they've just released either!

I just put my PS2 in the spare room with a dif telly so visitors can watch DVDs or play games!

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I'm ArfurrDaley -

Having owned a 360 I'd say the ps3 is better because:

It doesn't sound like a 747

Better design

Better controllers

Plays blue-ray (not that I've bought any mind)

You don't pay a subscription to play online

Can use bluetooth headset's to chat online

Only downside is there arent as many games

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I got 2;

IMJONEZ13 (Thats my serious one for COD 4. I Got gold AK, Dragunov, Shotty and M60) And my Kill/Death ratio is 1.73

a_flying_pen1s (I'm a noob in this one and have a crap ratio) It's good because it says 'killed by 'a_flying_pen1s' Its brilliant! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sometimes I can't join game lobbies so dont think I'm being a ***** if I dont join. My internet is weird. ;)

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