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No More Scameras


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Tony could be caught with a hamster up his bum and lovered in lard, and Labour will still get in ..

look at the last election - taxes go up, petrol crisis, prescott punching people .. and it's a landslide ..

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Its true Tony could do anything and his boys will still live on the big street!!

Its not he's popular, its just the opposition is weak!!

as for influencing what happens to the country, bush has more say than we do!

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nail on the head dave.

I actually like blair and think he's twice the man the other candidates of the other parties are, spineless looking stuttering geeks they seem to me. <_<

but it's certainly not a good situation to have a democracy where you can only realistically vote for one party because the other competition is just too weak to consider seriously. :help:

oh and in regards to the original topic subject, agreeing with bibbs... there's no way the government will take down these cameras. They earn far too much money for the govt to discontinue them!

and now on top of that, you can expect to pay another £5 for any speeding fine you do incur to be put towards 'victims of crime'.... which is outrageous in my opinion, because the motorist IS a victim of crime (that crime being robbery), an easy target for the government.

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