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Influence Of Temperature/weather On E12 Corollas


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I am curious to know your experience about the influence of the external temperature or weather on your Corolla.

I have noticed the following:

(1) Above 23C, usually with a/c operating, there is vibration noise from the dashboard at left vent-radio.

(2) Below 8C, there is very intense rattling (ra-ta-ta!!!) from the stop light at the top of the rear window, which stops when the car gets warmed.

(3) Between 10-20C: a very quiet car! Of course, the windows always rattle above road irregularities when not fully closed, because of the very loose window rubber frame.

(4) I have realized also some whistling from the right part of the dash that may happen 2-3 times for 1-2sec, in the first minutes after starting the car at low T with sensible humidity. I am afraid this could be electrical sparking.

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Welcome to the club............... :D

My car:As yours ........,diffreence is just in temperatures (colder = stronger rattling, esspecially under 17°C) and location of rattling.

You must be detective and try to eliminate "rattling points"one by one.I just find last one(I hope that is the last one).

Sad but true. :crybaby:

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I've noticed that stop light rattle too... but I've discovered that it is ice that gets caught between the glass and the edge of the trunk lid near that area. When you here it... check and see if you see any ice.

All rattles have been driving me up a wall. Turning up the radio has helped me out.

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Hot weather is normally bad for the Corolla dash since the expansion of its length is more important than the increase of its thickness. The possible lenght is fixed at the two edges (left and right) on the car's body and so the plastic panel bows upwards at the center (radio-vents). In my case, something should be loose in the a/c vent and vibrates when not pushed down by the dash (a/c vibrations should triger the dash vibration). Three visits in Toyota garage have not solved the problem. I will try again for a solution next spring/summer. It is a summer problem.

The stop light rattling is a winter problem. Apparenty some fittings become loose by differenetial contraction of metal/plastic parts. Hopefully, the temperature here is below 10C less than 30 days/year, mainly in the night!

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