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59K on 02 cts, all by me. Just had 7yr service MOT, still original pads and discs... only problem, leaky front shocker 2 yrs ago.

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I like to think it's down to "sympathetic" driving and anticipation. Use the lift everyday, average around 40mpg, trips showing 43mpg at the mo averaged over 5 or 600 miles. Those front pads still have around 4mm on them. It's had 3 tyres in all that, front two have done 16000k, rears one is as new, other has 5mm+ and the spare has around 4 to 5 mm. No oil needed between services. On the advice of MrT when it was new, be gentle, be very gentle, but only for the first 50 to 100 miles, after that use the revs (gently) building toward max. Biggest cause of oil burning motors is oil "glazing" during running in, so make sure it never gets the chance. Love it !

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