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Wind Noise

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I have a 1.6 Corolla 5-d hatchback manufactured in September '02. I can hear an annoying wind noise located near the driver's window & near the front pillar when driving at about 60-70 km/h and above. I noticed it after over a year of owning this car, when my girlfriend had a chance to drive and I was sitting as a passenger and then I noticed that the wind noise is much more quite on the passenger's side.

I went to the dealer and described the problem, but they said it was all perfect. It's not, however I checked and all the seals & rubber parts seem OK. For me, it looks like maybe a sound-deadening material inside is missing, which I hardly believe because people say Toyota is known for its refinement.

Furthermore, yesterday I met an old friend of mine, who now - it turned out after a short chat - now drives a Corolla same as mine. We changed our opinions about the car itself and I told him about this wind noise. He said his Corolla has the same problem, he also mentioned that all new Corollas have this wind noise. He mentioned about the fix, which is available, but he couldn't be sure.

Please tell me is there really the fix out there, somewhere & what I should tell the dealer ? It really is annoying...

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I just got an '03 Corolla CE this month...and noticed the wind noise on driver's door side.

From outside, with doors closed, I sighted along the top edge. From the front, looked fine. From the rear though, I could see the top edge of front door sticking up from the plane.

I have car in at dealer's tomorrow for some items and included this.

A home-made solution might be: roll down window, insert towel-covered 2x4 perpendicular to B pillar (maybe B & A?), and squeeze with door, pressing from top.

Whatdya think?

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