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Find Jim Seats !....


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Ok.... if you've been reading my posts recently you'll notice that I'm trying my ***** to get some seats imported from the US.

I think I'm left with the option of the red seats.. not sure if I like them still tho.

So.. does anyone know of any other nice seats???

Challenge... Find Jim Seats ... the winner will get........ erm... hold on... the door bell's ringing.. lol

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This unit has a T25 type base flange and GT25 type rear flange for the exhaust. Features a huge .70 comp cover with smooth machined bellmouth inlet and 4" inlet. This unit has a .64 exhaust housing in the 400hp form . The comp wheel actually flows 44 LBs/Min and itself is rated near 450hp. Usual ultra reliability and superb response from the Garrett ball bearing design. Sometimes called a GT25/40. Very similar to the HKS GT25/40 but with a different comp cover and different number of blades on the compressor. Great upgrade for SR20DETs and other 2 litre's.

I'm sure I can find more if Jims in a shopping mood :thumbsup:

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I may have a 10th anniversary steering wheel..... I'm thinking of getting a Momo wheel. But I'll probably keep the anniversary one for when I sell it.

You do? really?

How? why? when? where? and how much matey?

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Ah right got ya. If anyone had one to sell Id even give them my existing wheel in with the payment.

Id really love to have one. Think it would look stunning.

BTW can these still be bought as an official part from Mr T and how much do you reckon they would charge?

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Here - they do international ..

US $80.00 Domestic US 48 states

US $ (NO) PO. Box & other states (AK, HI, GU, VI, PR, and APO/FPO)

US $150.00 Canada

US $ (NO) International

no they don't dude....

May see about getting the belts swapped for red !

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