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Modifyted Rearwhiper E 11


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I have my rear whiper laying down in rest , its a job that you can do in 20 minutes ,First unscrew the rearwhiper and get of the hatch than You have to pull the plastic board lose from the hatch, than you can unscrew the rearwhipermotor

When you have the motor of the rearwhiper out of the car you unscrew the thinplate at the back when its open you get the axel out that on the big plastic wheel and the smaler wheel on the other side .

Than you pull out the little IRON PIN thats fitted in the big Plastic wheel you put the Iron Pin back in that other hole 180 degrees back put the little axel back to the big plastic wheel and the little wheel screw the thin plate back and build the rearwhiper motor back in the car than put the rearwhiper back laying down on the rearwindow and your finished .

This is only for the Corolla E11 Hatchback.

You can see a picture when its ready on my homepage


firstpage on the bottom of the page is a picture :thumbsup:

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