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'99 Climate Control Panel Opening


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I tried to open up the climate control panel, but failed because I couldn't get the knobs away (3 rotating and 1 sliding).

Reason for opening is to change and check the bulbs (middle one seems to be burnt, others give bad contact).


Didn't see any way to get those away as pulling didn't help at all.

Any ideas or hints ?

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Hi, you can remove the surrounding trim by prising it away with a small screwdriver. Just to clarify, it's the marble effect trim surrounding all the centre controls, not the small black trim around the 3 rotary switches and slider, so you'll need to get the screwdriver in between the marble effect trim and the grey dashboard (where your satnav/mobile phone holder is). Once you've got that off it will reveal screws to remove the ventilation switches section.

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I removed everything from center console (unscrewed that part completely and released the cables from it (left only the wire attached), but I still couldn't find any way to open that (i want to open that panel up so i could change the bulbs inside).

I saw 6 clips that are holding the front of that panel, but releasing these doesn't seem to help as the knobs are blocking, didn't spot any other ways to open it either.

If i get around to it, i'll try to make some pics, last time the cam failed to save images.

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I'm afraid I haven't gone that far - I've only removed the centre trim. If I can spare some time over the weekend or early next week I'll have a look myself.

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Have you managed to make any progress? I'm sorry but I'm afraid I'm not going to find opportunity to remove mine to check - too many things taken apart already that needs to be put back!

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Nope, haven't had any progress, haven't really checked either since I couldn't find a way then.

I might check again in some time though.

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To bring the topic to an end:

I finally had time to get to deal with that dash again, cause I had one other thing to check in that area too (radio reception was fluctuating a bit, fixed that with moving the cables around behind the dash).

The knobs were indeed just sticked there, no tricks up the sleeve. To remove them, you just have to use brute force, none of them have any clicks somewhere hidden so just have to get a good grip, wiggle it a bit and apply the force.

To get the inside-outside air slider knob out I had to use a flat screwdriver to apply the force from behind the knob while keeping one finger between the screwdriver and the dash itself to prevent visual damage to it.

Now I just have to find the replacement bulbs for it :yahoo:

Edit: bulbs found at local Toyota service and nicely changed

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