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10th Anniversary Steering Wheel


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Okay, I quite like the idea of getting a 10th anniversary steering wheel. Now I'd imagine that these are few and far between so I thought Id ask you guys if you know of any.

My other option is Toyota but:

A ) WIll these still be available as a part?

B ) Will it cost the price of space exploration to buy one?

Any help would be very much appreciated.

PS: Does anyone know what year the 10th Anniversary MR2 was launched?

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I'm sure you can .. best pop in and ask .. but i bet its the wrong side of £500 ..

I bet your not far wrong mate. He'll probably hit me with a devastating price. I'll appologise for my stupid ways and make a sharp exit :unsure:

Also I have an airbag so Im beginning to wonder if I should just forget the whole idea. What do you reckon?

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You can get the Momo ones with an airbag too .. I think ..

I know some have a "Do not disassemble - contains explosive" warning .. can't see that without an airbag !!

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whats diff with the tenth anniversary model then??.......ive just fitted a rear panel with light up blue badge,which i believe came of one off these as standard......

Its half wood half leather with a lovely bronze circular MR2 emblem in the centre. It was designed and made my Momo for Toyota.

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