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Hi Ryan1985

Checkout this Yaris t sport on 17" lowered with koni adjustable as well. If you want the full spec you need to pm jaxx the owner of this car :thumbsup:


TTE stands for Toyota Team Europe :thumbsup: Toyota's tuning brand.

For the adjustable koni checkout this site :thumbsup:



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cheers jerry! :thumbsup:

oh and jerry dont let me forget but i knocked ya a little something up!!! couldnt do it at the mo cos im not on my computer! remind me one time :thumbsup:

yep dropped on 17's on TTE springs and Koni adjusters its gone down by about 55-60mm cos of the konis bein shorter than the OE shocks and they didnt go on without arches being rolled, dirtsheilds modded and still requires the rear bumper moddin a bit to make it perfect!


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how much were the side skirts, do you drill them in?

Hi vmail

All Yaris T Sports come with side skirts on as standard. If you checkout this site you should be able to get some skirts for your ride. Look under body kits :thumbsup:



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I'm thinkin of gettin 17" O.Z. Hyrda's wot do u think (i've got a black 5 door)?

Look good or not?

Are these your wheels?


If yes these are really nice wheels. Quite expensive? £830 17" at



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Yeah thats them Jerry!!!

Nice aren't they and u've gotta pay 2 be individual!!!

Individuality is wot its all bout!!! :thumbsup:

Your dam right :thumbsup: Thats what it's all about. Been different :yes:


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Miss T Sport also has the TTE springs, the koni's are on her wishlist (among just about everything else :lol: )

Producing the normal 30mm drop. She has 16" something or other wheels, we decided against 17's in order to get extra width tyres 215x40x16's.


not the latest pics of her car, as she's not got eyebrows and the toyota club stickers on, really must get around to taking some more :wacko:

Edited to say that her arches also had to be rolled, and each spring has got 2 sport-spring-adjusters in it, else with execessive wieght or if hitting large bumps etc, she still used to catch the tyres, but now its fine, and handles lurrrrrrvely :drool:

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