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What Size Alloys


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Centre bore for an AE/EE111 Corolla is 54.1

if the centre bore is 72mm then BMW fitment is only size I can think of :unsure:


You need wheels that have following fitment measurements when enquiring:

P.C.D (Wheel bolt/stud hole size arangment) = 4 x100

offset (distance it sits within arch) 35mm to 38 mm (40mm isn't to far out! ;) )

Centre bore (bit that sits over wheel hub flange) 54.1

With most 'aftermarket' alloy wheels the centre bore can be altered as you can purchase 'spigot rings' that sit within inner wheel centre to make correct centre bore size.

Tyres required for 17 inch wheels will be 215/ 40 R17 (as Toyota Corolla 99 stated in his list)

However ...

Have 4 people in car and your 17 inch wheels will catch rear arches

Also pre 2002 model Corollas (1983 - 2002 iNc. 'model code numbers' - AE/EE80's, AE/EE90's, AE/EE101's and AE/EE111's - yours is an AE/EE111 era Corolla - 1997 to 2002; they had a 'face lift' in 2000 :) ) from my experiance tend to handle best on 14 or 15 inch - 16 if you must ;) !

Another problem I have come across with the Corollas I mention above is that 17 inch wheels seem to prematurely wear front suspension and steering components (e.g. track rod ends - normally they will do 100,000+ on a Corolla yet with 17's on I've seen their life halved. :o )

Happy wheel shopping


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hi can i have 205 / 40/ 17 tires or has it got to be 215?? if some1 could get back 2 me thanks

i believe the 215 is the width of the tyre. if you have it a 205 it would have to match the wheel base. forgive me. i arent good with naming names! LOL

You can have a smaller size of the 40 ie. 215/35/17 providing all 4 are the same. if you have 2 35, other 2 is 40. insurance could be void!

mines basic, looking for a new alloys to suit the car.. anyway. mines 195/65/14. before it was 195/70/14. i would not buy 185 or 190/65/14 as it would not fit the wheel.

hope this helps.

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